Healthy Halloween Food Treats

by Brian Cormack Carr on October 28, 2012

Someone’s hungry…

Wondering how to share some healthy Halloween food treats with the kids, whilst sticking to a nourishing real food eating plan?  Look no further…

It’s that time of year again.  If you live north of the equator, the days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are turning, and the veil between this world and the next is growing thin…..

OK, perhaps I’m getting carried away, but the point is: it’s nearly Halloween, and I love it. Always have.  I’m still a sucker for witches’ hats and ghostly tales, just like most other big kids.

That’s the fun part – the sad part is that our supermarkets are now stocked with piles of fake, additive-filled chocolate bars and sweets, all cunningly placed to ensure as many of them as possible find their way into the mouths of our little ones. In amongst the scary masks and spooky costumes, there are enticing signs prompting kids to get their share of ”spooky sweets”.  Parents are lured with promises of “Two for One″ and “Buy One Get One Free”.

The Inconvenience of “Convenient” Halloween Candy

Convenient? It looks that way to the unenlightened, but how convenient are the eventual (and sometimes immediate) results of eating such non-foods?  Blood-sugar chaos, weight gain, tooth decay, systemic inflammation, and eventual degenerative disease caused by gorging on the no-nutrition “treats” being foisted on us wherever we turn.  I’m not against sweet things.  Really.  But just take a look on the ingredient lists of some of these sweets – they have ingredient lists that are a hell of a lot scarier than any horror movie you’ve ever seen.

Here’s what’s really convenient: fun, real Halloween food treats that can be used to celebrate Halloween with both the bounty of the season and the fun of taking part in an important traditional festival that’s tailor-made for kids looking for a thrill.

To help you prepare for the onslaught, I’ve pulled together some links to great ideas and recipes for healthy Halloween food treats. Enjoy – and don’t forget to check under the bed on the evening of October 31st

Pumpkin – For Perfect Healthy Halloween Food Treats

It’s not Halloween without pumpkins, and pumpkins are real food.  With their warm autumnal colour and sweet mouth-filling taste, they’re the perfect vegetable, and the perfect base for several healthy Halloween food treats.  They’re also incredibly nutritious: packed with vitamin A, flavonoids, and antioxidants such as leutin and xanthin, as well as carotenes in abundance.

More importantly, kids love them because they can be carved into eerily grinning Jack O’Lanterns.  Be sure to save the pumpkin flesh that’s scooped out during this process – it’s the perfect base of some truly delicious and healthy Halloween food treats.

Here are some pumpkin-themed recipes for you and your family to enjoy:

  • If you’re looking for a sweet treat to share with the guisers (that’s what we Scots call the trick-or-treaters), then be sure to try out these Paleo Pumpkin Biscuits from KnitFit, or perhaps the Healthy Cooking Coach’s Paleo Pumpkin Cake Bars With Cinnamon Icing.
  • Not in the mood for something sweet? Then try this great recipe for Savoury Pumpkin Torte with Kale from  Paleo Digest, or Pelvic Health Plus’ tasty Pumpkin Chilli. Both are perfect for sharing around a roaring fire whilst listening to ghost stories…
  • Never throw away the seeds after you’ve carved your Jack O’Lanterns! You can use them to make these delicious Chili-Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, courtesy of Elana’s Pantry.
  • Looking for a substantial child-pleasing dessert to add to your repertoire of healthy Halloween food treats?  Primal Britain are offering a mouth-watering recipe for Paleo Pumpkin Pie.
  • It would be hard to beat this collection of highly original pumpkin recipes from Paleo Diet Lifestyle. Fancy some Pumpkin Soup? Or Pumpkin Salad? Or even the dramatic-sounding Chicken In A Pumpkin? And be sure to check out their inspired recipes for Chocolate-covered Bacon, Bloody Beet Soup, and Bacon-wrapped Sausages, which double up as “Mummy’s Fingers”….

Real Food Halloween Candy

You can forego additive-laden cakes when you opt for real Halloween food treats…

Of course, it doesn’t have to all be about pumpkin.  These are genius – Halloween sweets, made without the chemical nasties that make shop-bought sweets so undesirable. Try these Chocolate Halloween Halvah Balls from Apron Strings, and Maple-Sunbutter Candy from Whole Life Nutrition.

And if you want a feast for the eyes as well as the tummy, then you must take a look at this stunning collection of Healthy Halloween Candy from Chocolate-Covered Katie.  Obviously, these aren’t for everyday consumption – they’re not sugar-free after all – but as far as sweets go, at least they’re of the highest quality.

Keeping The Vampires At Bay…

Here’s something fun – why not head into Halloween armed with some Vampire-Fighting Pork Stew from Hilah Cooking?

Happy Halloween to you and yours!

I’ve already mentioned that Halloween holds a special place in my heart. Perhaps it’s because it coincides with Samhain – the Celtic New Year. Does a Scotsman need any more of an excuse for dressing up and making merry? I don’t think so!  Samhain/Halloween is also a great time to contemplate what’s been and what awaits us, and to set some positive intentions for the future…before the full whirlwind of the Christmas and New Year holidays hit. Check out my Vital Vocation blog for ideas on how you can have a Happy (Celtic) New Year.

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